Together we deliver

Our Culture

The Monadelphous culture is reflected in the way we operate and interact, and has been a key factor in our company's success. It is the essence of the way things are done and the way decisions are made, and reflects the unwritten “rules of the road” that convey how people behave and relate. It is demonstrated through the stories that are shared and remembered, the rituals and routines that take place, the symbols in the workplace, the behaviours through which influence are gained, the management systems and the formal organisational structures.

All of our employees are custodians of our culture and help reinforce our way of working. Our culture is what is real and what is experienced by each and every employee and it cannot be mandated or directed. Maintaining the key elements of our culture is important for our employees as it provides clarity regarding how we treat each other and approach our work. It informs us which behaviours are appropriate and important, so we understand what is desired.

All Monadelphous employees play a part in maintaining the aspects of our culture that have led to our success. In order to enable our continued performance, we focus on maintaining and strengthening the aspects of our culture that have contributed to our historical achievements.

We ensure our culture is maintained by utilising the knowledge and skills of those who live "the Monadelphous Way" to ensure we select and develop our employees in line with the key features of our culture. We also ensure that the core aspects of our culture are shared across the business and are reflected in all our processes and actions. We see the communication of stories as an important mechanism to convey this information and we recognise the need to ensure our “cultural champions” are distributed across the business.

Our goal is to have all our people perform their roles in "the Monadelphous Way".